Digital photographs, printed at 12”x18” and 18”x12”

Corrupted card reader

The computer and other digital devices have become tools for creative creation to beautify our world.

Beauty can also be found in malfunction and corruption.

It was a broken memory card reader, or rather -the stunning results reaped from this malfunctioning hardware- that impressed me with how much of our creative and professional output is reliant on systems beyond our capacity to 'repair'. These corrupted results tell other stories, and highlight shapes and expressions that might not draw the eye under the 'correct' conditions.

The corrupted card reader which greeted these images is no longer malfunctioning so my ability to create these images is gone, although I am 'lucky’ to have the occasional misread Raw image file upload to my computer. Adding to the uniqueness of these images is the fact that even if the hardware, or another version of it were to malfunction, it is highly unlikely the results would be the same.